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Mt Crested Butte Stables

Almont Stables



For the safety of both the riders and horses,
 the minimum age for trail rides is 8 and the maximum weight is 225 pounds.  

Summer Rides From the Mt Crested Butte Stables
The 1 1/2 hour ride on Snodgrass Mountain is our feature ride here at Fantasy Ranch.  This ride has a little bit of everything you look for on a mountain trailride.  We ride through wildflower fields, cross streams, pass beaver ponds and wind though aspen groves while climbing to over 10,000 ft. in elevation.    
We also offer a 2 1/2 hour ride on Snodgrass Mountain that includes all of the 1 1/2 hour ride with an additional loop that take you higher on the mountain to a break spot with an incredible view.

(available starting August 31)

Oh-Be-Joyful Wilderness Adventure

            This adventure starts by riding through the slate river.  After crossing the river you will enter the Raggeds Wilderness Area following  Oh-Be-Joyful Creek up the valley passing several waterfalls along the way.  This  adventure takes you up towards Democrat Basin where you will find fantastic views, and high mountain ponds. This trip is available starting August 31.

Rustler's Gulch Wilderness Ride

      A beautifull ride up the gulch to an old mine site.  Rustler's Gulch is located in the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area and has some of the best wildflowers in the area.  This trip is available starting August 31.


Ferris Creek  Ride

  This is a beautiful ride that starts from the Brush Creek valley and loops around strand hill.  The ride starts out on a logging road going through beautiful country, then the second half is through some very rugged and technical terain.


1 1/2 hour rides on the Almont Triangle
                  We depart from our stables in the town of Almont.  Almont is located 15 minutes south of Crested Butte along Highway 135. On this trip you will climb up the mountain following interesting rock formations and trees.  The early morning trip will usually see big horn sheep and mule deer along the trail.  After the initial climb you will ride along the rim of Taylor Canyon with great wiews of the river below. We travel across the Almont Triangle which is critical winter grazing land for our elk, deer, and big horn sheep.   The descent back to the stables will have great views of mountain ranges off in the distance.  This trip is avalable October 1 through November 22.


The winter horseback experience is from 1:30 to 3:30 Monday through Friday

We meet in the Almont Resort Parking lot at 1:30 and then you will follow us in your  vehicle over to the horse corrals. 4 wheel drive is reccomended.   After we get everyone loaded up we journey through the snow on a one hour horseback ride with a stop in the middle for hot coccoa by the fireplace.  We often see elk, mule deer,  big horn sheep, and bald eagles.  After the ride we feed the horses some treats and set them free.  We are usually finnished at about 3:30.


The sligh rides meet in the Almont Resort parking lot at 11:30.  You will then follow us over to the horse corral in your vehicle. 4 wheel drive is reccomended.  This is a private 30 mintue ride in a one horse open sleigh.  We ride through our  meadow where we can often see elk, mule deer, and big horn sheep up on the hillsides.  After the ride we stop back at our corral to give you a chance to meet the rest of the horses and feed them some treats.  The sleigh can hold up to 4 adults and 2 very small children. For an additional fee, hot coccoa by the fireplace, can be arranged back at the lodge.This ride is available Monday through friday at 11:30.

 Pricing is available on the 2021 price list page of this website

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